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Can comprehensive stroke centers erase the 'weekend effect'?

Cerebrovasc Dis, 2009

Albright KC, Raman R, Ernstrom K, Hallevi H, Martin-Schild S, Meyer BC, Meyer DM, Morales MM, Grotta JC, Lyden PD, Savitz SI

Does study enrollment delay treatment with intravenous thrombolytics for acute ischemic stroke?

Stroke, 2009 Feb

Martin-Schild S, Albright KC, Hallevi H, Barreto AD, Grotta JC, Savitz SI

Age-distinct predictors of symptomatic cervicocephalic atherosclerosis.

Cerebrovasc Dis, 2009

Bang OY, Saver JL, Liebeskind DS, Lee PH, Sheen SS, Yoon SR, Yun SW, Kim GM, Chung CS, Lee KH, Ovbiagele B

Contrast agent dose effects in cerebral dynamic susceptibility contrast magnetic resonance perfusion imaging.

J Magn Reson Imaging, 2009 Jan

Alger JR, Schaewe TJ, Lai TC, Frew AJ, Vespa PM, Etchepare M, Liebeskind DS, Saver JL, Kidwell SC

Admission international normalized ratio and acute infarct volume in ischemic stroke.

Ann Neurol, 2008 Nov

Ay H, Arsava EM, Gungor L, Greer D, Singhal AB, Furie KL, Koroshetz WJ, Sorensen AG

Determinants of the distribution and severity of hypoperfusion in patients with ischemic stroke.

Neurology, 2008 Nov

Bang OY, Saver JL, Alger JR, Starkman S, Ovbiagele B, Liebeskind DS,

The combined approach to lysis utilizing eptifibatide and rt-PA in acute ischemic stroke: the CLEAR stroke trial.

Stroke, 2008 Dec

Pancioli AM, Broderick J, Brott T, Tomsick T, Khoury J, Bean J, del Zoppo G, Kleindorfer D, Woo D, Khatri P, Castaldo J, Frey J, Gebel J, Kasner S, Kidwell C, Kwiatkowski T, Libman R, Mackenzie R, Scott P, Starkman S, Thurman RJ,

Thrombus burden is associated with clinical outcome after intra-arterial therapy for acute ischemic stroke.

Stroke, 2008 Dec

Barreto AD, Albright KC, Hallevi H, Grotta JC, Noser EA, Khaja AM, Shaltoni HM, Gonzales NR, Illoh K, Martin-Schild S, Campbell MS, Weir RU, Savitz SI

Learning vector quantization neural networks improve accuracy of transcranial color-coded duplex sonography in detection of middle cerebral artery spasm--preliminary report.

Neuroinformatics, 2008

Swiercz M, Kochanowicz J, Weigele J, Hurst R, Liebeskind DS, Mariak Z, Melhem ER, Krejza J

Genomic profiles of damage and protection in human intracerebral hemorrhage.

J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, 2008 Nov

Carmichael ST, Vespa PM, Saver JL, Coppola G, Geschwind DH, Starkman S, Miller CM, Kidwell CS, Liebeskind DS, Martin NA

Racial differences in microbleed prevalence in primary intracerebral hemorrhage.

Neurology, 2008 Oct

Copenhaver BR, Hsia AW, Merino JG, Burgess RE, Fifi JT, Davis L, Warach S, Kidwell CS

Metabolic downregulation: a key to successful neuroprotection?

Stroke, 2008 Oct

Yenari M, Kitagawa K, Lyden P, Perez-Pinzon M

Establishing final infarct volume: stroke lesion evolution past 30 days is insignificant.

Stroke, 2008 Oct

Gaudinski MR, Henning EC, Miracle A, Luby M, Warach S, Latour LL

Aggressive blood pressure-lowering treatment before intravenous tissue plasminogen activator therapy in acute ischemic stroke.

Arch Neurol, 2008 Sep

Martin-Schild S, Hallevi H, Albright KC, Khaja AM, Barreto AD, Gonzales NR, Grotta JC, Savitz SI

Anticoagulation after cardioembolic stroke: to bridge or not to bridge?

Arch Neurol, 2008 Sep

Hallevi H, Albright KC, Martin-Schild S, Barreto AD, Savitz SI, Escobar MA, Gonzales NR, Noser EA, Illoh K, Grotta JC

The Neuroprotection with Statin Therapy for Acute Recovery Trial (NeuSTART): an adaptive design phase I dose-escalation study of high-dose lovastatin in acute ischemic stroke.

Int J Stroke, 2008 Aug

Elkind MS, Sacco RL, MacArthur RB, Fink DJ, Peerschke E, Andrews H, Neils G, Stillman J, Corporan T, Leifer D, Cheung K

Efficacy of site-independent telemedicine in the STRokE DOC trial: a randomised, blinded, prospective study.

Lancet Neurol, 2008 Sep

Meyer BC, Raman R, Hemmen T, Obler R, Zivin JA, Rao R, Thomas RG, Lyden PD

A brief prehospital stroke severity scale identifies ischemic stroke patients harboring persisting large arterial occlusions.

Stroke, 2008 Aug

Nazliel B, Starkman S, Liebeskind DS, Ovbiagele B, Kim D, Sanossian N, Ali L, Buck B, Villablanca P, Vinuela F, Duckwiler G, Jahan R, Saver JL

The promise and potential pitfalls of serum biomarkers for ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack.

Neurologist, 2008 Jul

Jensen MB, Chacon MR, Sattin JA, Aleu A, Lyden PD

Decreased volume of the brain reward system in alcoholism.

Biol Psychiatry, 2008 Aug

Makris N, Oscar-Berman M, Jaffin SK, Hodge SM, Kennedy DN, Caviness VS, Marinkovic K, Breiter HC, Gasic GP, Harris GJ

Reliability of site-independent telemedicine when assessed by telemedicine-naive stroke practitioners.

J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis,

Meyer BC, Raman R, Chacon MR, Jensen M, Werner JD

Factors associated with the steep increase in late-midlife stroke occurrence among US men.

J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis,

Towfighi A, Saver JL, Engelhardt R, Ovbiagele B

Development and validation of a simple conversion model for comparison of intracerebral hemorrhage volumes measured on CT and gradient recalled echo MRI.

Stroke, 2008 Jul

Burgess RE, Warach S, Schaewe TJ, Copenhaver BR, Alger JR, Vespa P, Martin N, Saver JL, Kidwell CS

Reperfusion half-life: a novel pharmacodynamic measure of thrombolytic activity.

Stroke, 2008 Jul

Merino JG, Latour LL, An L, Hsia AW, Kang DW, Warach S

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